Gemix Pokie

Gemix Pokie from Play’n Go


As more and more bettors are coming into the game, there is a need to increase the number of currently available Pokie games. Some people love difficult, complicated pokies while other prefers the simple and straightforward ones. If you are into online mobile pokies, then you might want to visit the Play’n Go Pokie Gemix.

About the game

The very first thing that you notice as soon as you open this game in your browser or your phone is the clear seven by seven grids. This is the seven Reel Pokie game and has got a lot of symbols on it. These symbols are shaped in various forms and prominent colors just like they are on the game candy crush saga. Gemix is made up of gems which are basically orange flowers, red hearts, purple squares, pink crescents, green pentagons, yellow stars, turquoise triangles and blue rectangles. These are hard to miss and the colors are so prominent such that it makes it easy for you to know what you are playing. This is perhaps that perfect Play’n Go mobile Pokie that you have been looking for.

How to Play the Game

Since Gemix is made up of different unique shapes in different colors, it is very easy to notice these colors. Basically the game is about you, using your matching skills to align five similar symbols form a winning combination. You can play on for hours on end because the Gemix Pokie doesn’t require much. When you play Gemix, you must be prepared to be taken from this dimension to the next without even noticing. You must be wondering why I am saying this, well to ease your mind, it is easy for you to get lost and play Gemix for hours because this Pokie has got three different worlds. In order for you to move on from one world to the next, you need to up your game and make a perfect combination of six symbols. If you manage to hit three combos, you get entry permission to the world. In each world there is a wild symbol which will pop up on the Reels. Each of the wilds presents you with a different power which is unique only for that world which you are in.

Tips & Guidelines for Better Results

Are you tired of playing small fry? Then maybe it’s time for you to supercharge your way to bigger prices by playing this amazing Play’n Go powered Gemix Pokie. There is the crystal charge feature which only comes once in a blue moon when a player manages to hit 20 symbols as part of the winning combination. The supercharge feature can also be triggered when you manage to hit a whopping 40 symbol with a 3x multiplier to all of your winnings.


If you are a 80s or 90s kid and you miss playing Tetris, then Gemix might just bring you the memories of sugar rush which you used to enjoy when you were the master of Tetris. Just that this time you are getting real money for the fun. It is one of the most fascinating Pokie online games and the colors make it look appealing to betters all edges. Go on and try it, you might have more fun than you are experiencing in your current game. If you are new gambler, then this is also the Pokie for you to learn your way around the jungle.