How Pokies Works

How Pokies works

Have you ever felt like you wanted to learn something and master the concept behind it? With pokies you can be able to learn how they work both online and offline. Pokies are also commonly referred to as slot machines and other casinos call them video slots. Whatever you and your casino call them, the idea behind pokies is one and it is to make your gambling life as simplified and doable as possible. The opportunity to play on any Pokie and win increases with your understanding of the Pokie that you are playing on. The more one gets to understand the theory behind the game; it becomes easy and less frustrating to play the game. When you play a mystery game, you are simple lost and chances of winning are very low as they are only based on luck. Opportunity easily falls to those who know what they have to do in order to be in the right position of receiving an opportunity.

The Inside of Pokies

Right, so let’s get to it. So, how exactly do online and offline pokies function? Most pokies are operated by a chip that runs continuously. Whether there is someone using the Pokie at that particular moment or not, the software does not go to sleep. This software is the Random Number Generator (RNG). Just as the title says it, this software randomly creates and groups number that will appear on the slot machine screen at any time. These are the numbers that determine whether one will get a draw, match or lose. This is the main reason why gambling is said to be totally dependent on luck. I mean how else do you explain having some metal coming up with the combination that will give you the jackpot? It’s really interesting if you think of it well.

Casino pokies need to be constantly maintained and taken care of. Just like a car engine. If you have a car and you are not taking care of it, chances are it will break down sooner than later. This concept is also applicable when it comes to pokies. You have to change the motors and ensure that the way that they are wired and function is in sync and nothing out of order.

Now the interesting question; what exactly are pokies made up of? There are r parts to any Pokie worth a try, the internal and the external parts. The internal parts of a Pokie are the motherboard which is one of the most important components in a Pokie, the Erasable Programmable Read Only memory (EPROM), the Cash Box, speakers and the note validator as well as the lights, meters and cables.

Components of the Game

The external component is mostly the screen since this is what everyone notices, the coin tray, buttons, slot for notes and coins and the cabinet which is the unit that houses the entire Pokie.


Pokies can make a whole lot of difference. If you know how to play in any Pokie, then chances are you will thoroughly enjoy your gambling experience. There really isn’t anything hard about mastering how to use pokies. Playing Pokies can be described as simple but exciting with a lot of thrill in it. After all, it’s all fun and games!


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