Difference Between Online and Offline Pokies


Offline vs Online

Right, before we get too excited and dive in too deep, let’s start with the small but important things first. What are Pokies? Well, most people who are not Australian get confused when they hear someone say “my favorite Pokie is…” A Pokie is basically a fruit machine, hence Pokies are fruit machines. We are now on the page yea? Casinos offer a variety of games both offline and offline. In most cases, the same games are offered on both platforms. This means that as a bettor and gambler you can get to enjoy playing the same games online that you are addicted to offline. However, there are some differences between online and offline Pokies that you need to understand in order to make your life a lot easier.

Button Inconsistency

The differences are mostly found on the buttons. The buttons that are there in offline Pokies are not always there in online Pokies. For example, online Pokies miss the “Collect” button. This simply put means that if you win big while playing online Pokies, you cannot be able to get your money there and then. You will need to finish your game, save and exit and then go back online to the finances and banking section of your casino. Unlike playing in offline Pokies, if you win, you can instantly press on “Collect” and walk away a very happy person. The “Max Bet” button that is found in online Pokies is not there in offline Pokies. Thus, as a player you can bet the maximum lines and credits when playing online Pokies with just a single click of the “Max Bet” button but this is impossible when playing offline Pokies. There are a lot of other buttons that appear in online Pokies and are not there in offline Pokies and vice versa. It’s all about adapting.



Most online Pokies are backed up and covered by Playtech and Microgaming software game developers. As a result, the online Pokies will have Playtech and Microgaming game titles and the play routes will have to comply with the standards of these developers. On the other hand, offline Pokies are developed, run and sponsored by Aristocrat, Star Games, IGT and the likes. These game developers don’t get an instant deal to just upgrade on their games just like that as is the option with online game developers. However, despite this significant difference, you don’t have to worry too much. Most of the games and rules are pretty much the same. Of course you will find different color schemes and set up but that’s as much as there is to it.


Although this is the 21st Century and almost everything is run and controlled by technology and the internet, online Pokies still haven’t fully overtaken the traditional and much loved offline Pokies. This will obviously develop some slope of some sort in the payout rates. As a result, the payout percentage for online Pokies can be as much as 45% higher than the payout percentage of a similar offline Pokie game. This is one of the reasons that make online Pokies to be more popular and as a result, it looks like the online industry is more successful. It’s just because the payout stack is good!


The line layouts in online Pokies are completely different from the offline line layout. The range of line layouts might be similar and even cover the same length. However, a winning layout in an offline Pokie might not be good enough in an online Pokie and vice versa. You have to get used to the line layout before attempting to play for money.


Well, there you have it. These are the differences between online and offline pokies. They are not that much but they definitely bring out the unique traits of each Pokie.


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